Virtual representative offices

Are you looking for a Milan address for your company?

BUSINESS LOUNGE is the prestigious address for Italian and foreign companies who are looking to open a representative office in Milan - Italy’s economic and financial capital and one of the trendsetting business, fashion and design capitals of the world.
Thanks to its location, spaces and structure, Business Lounge is able to ensure a quality service, as well as a high-profile image for your virtual representative office.

Our offer includes:
  • A prestigious address that you can use on your company literature (letter-headed paper, business cards, website)
  • Dedicated telephone number with personalised answering service
  • Addition of the company name on the board in the entrance hall to the building
  • Periodical forwarding/handing over of mail received
  • Provision of dedicated qualified personnel trained by your company to meet the customers or public selected by you to promote your business and products
  • On-demand meeting rooms
  • Self-storage for materials, catalogues, etc.





Additional services
  • Public relations and promotion
  • Press office and press relations
  • Marketing services







Milano uffici rappresentanza
A pool of communication professionals

Thanks to the acquisition of Ariani & Partners – an established communication agency with a thirty-year experience and a prestigious client base across the most diverse industries, mostly in the luxury sector, including some of the main players in the international hotel and tourist industry - Business Lounge can count on the experience of a variety of professionals in the fields of communication and marketing.